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Downspouts are critical to ensuring the water has somewhere to go. Improperly routed rainwater can be a bigger problem than you might think. As rainwater pools around your foundation, saturated soil can cause settling and cracking, which can negatively impact your house value and necessitate costly repairs throughout your home.

A fully functioning gutter system protects your home’s foundation and exterior from those damaging effects of rainwater. And your downspouts play a critical role in routing water away from your home and landscaping.

Over time, downspouts can rust, if they are steel or loosen their connection to the gutter that it is attached to. Economy Continuous Gutters Inc. has new products to correct these problems, and with our professional guaranteed installation, we’ll make sure each part of your downspout and gutter flows properly.

Economy Gutters uses the highest quality products to significantly reduce the possibility of leaks, which can lead to mildew growth. So peace of mind is yours when you get your gutters and downspouts from us.

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Rain Chains

Economy Gutters rain chains are a beautiful and functional downspout alternative that is compatible with your current gutter system. Popular in Asia for centuries, rain chains are taking the West by storm and Economy Gutters carries the highest quality, most beautiful rain chains available in North America.

Rain chains drain water to the ground from your gutter like a waterfall, they are beautiful and sound great! They can replace your current downspouts, be installed in aesthetically pleasing locations near entrances or planters, or can be installed as part of a totally new gutter system.