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Gutter Cleaning

Gutters are one of the most basic, functional, and essential structural parts of your home. When flowing properly, those simple tubes on the edge of your roof protect your home from flooding and water damage. But when water overflows over the edge of the gutters it can causes many problems, such as:

  • Rotting fascia
  • Rafter tails and eaves
  • Rotting roof sheeting
  • Mold and mildew hazards
  • Algae growth on siding
  • Landscape erosion
  • Water in basements
  • Foundation damage
  • Slippery driveways and sidewalks
  • Unsightly splash back stains at the base of siding

An alternative to cleaning rain gutters yourself is to hire Economy Continuous Gutters Inc., who specializes in gutter cleaning. Besides convenience, there are a number of reasons to utilize a professional company with experience in the business. In addition to clearing your gutters of debris, Economy Gutters technicians will ensure that all your downspouts are flowing properly, and will grab any debris from the roof within arm’s length of the gutter.

The procedure of cleaning out your gutters is messy and without the proper tools you may miss some of the debris, which eliminates any progress you make on getting rid of the leaves, sticks and other random items that end up in your gutters where they don’t belong. If you live in an area where there aren’t too many trees around, you will find that getting Seattle gutter cleaning once a year is adequate. However, if you have multiple tall trees surrounding your home, you might want to get them cleaned more often.

Another reason to consider professional cleaning for your gutters is the danger involved in actually performing the job. While a single story smaller home may not be too difficult to maintain, a home with multiple stories and a steep roof can be extremely daunting and may be too dangerous to try and do on your own.

The most important benefit you’ll see when getting your rain gutters cleaned by Economy Continuous Gutters Inc. is the peace of mind in knowing that you house, yard, and foundation will be safe form water damage.

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